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TWR Responds to Ebola

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Web small Ebola

The current Ebola virus outbreak is the largest to date. TWR West Africa Director Abdoulaye Sangho reports that our national office in Cote d'Ivoire (TWR-CI) plans an emergency response project.

God's Love Covers All Hurts – A Story of Hope

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Web small KenyaLanguage: Swahili
Country: Kenya

David worked on a farm in Kenya and spent most of the little money he earned on alcohol. One night, while walking on the road in a drunken stupor, he was struck by a car and seriously injured. After the accident, David woke up in the hospital, fortunate to be alive but unfortunate to learn that he was paralyzed.

I Persevered – A Story of Hope

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Web small BurundiLanguage:French
Country: Burundi

I am an officer in the national army.

I got saved during very difficult times thanks to your program Good News for All.

My Children Pointed the Way – A Story of Hope

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Web small EritreaLanguage:Tigrinya
Region: Eritrea

Eritrea is on the east coast of Africa with Sudan on its left and Ethiopia on its right. A short boat ride over the Red Sea will take you to Saudi Arabia or Yemen, depending on whether you steer left or steer right. It’s a country of more than 5 million people, roughly half of whom are non-Christians, according to the Joshua Project research group.

One day, a listener in Eritrea was persuaded by his children to tune in to TWR. He did so reluctantly at first, but things changed. Here’s his story:

A Salvation Story – A Story of Hope

Posted in Listener Stories

Web small SyriaLanguage: Arabic
Region: Syria

Coming from a strong religious background of a major religion, I was hooked on our God. The rules from the holy book were laid out for me to follow. However, if I did not obey them, I would have to face the wrath of God. A personal relationship with God was never discussed.