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You Changed my Life!

Posted in Listener Stories

You Changed my Life!

 MG 1840w"As the agent of Jesus, you changed my life!" says a listener to TWR from East Africa describing his life today. But things were very different 23 years ago.

In 1989 Wakshuma was a youth living in a communist-governed country. "Life was very difficult for me," says Wakshuma. "My mother was very poor and couldn't care for me. My father had died."

Into this setting he found comfort and encouragement from TWR radio broadcasts and the letters received by a TWR missionary in the listener response department. "The letters changed the course of my life. The letters encouraged me to follow Jesus," Wakshuma says as he found comfort reading the Bible and Bible study materials sent to him by TWR.

Meet Waldo Badenhorst

Posted in Our Staff

P076-C023Waldo is one of those guys in the office who can speak "machine." While the rest of us bang our heads on our keyboards when things go wrong, he swoops in and negotiates a cease fire and gets everything back to "normal" for us. He says that the best part of his job at TWR is, "to see the relief on people's faces when things get fixed for them!" My face has been one of those faces!

One of the coolest places TWR has sent Waldo has to be Cape Verde, an island off the coast of West Africa. As a qualified international trainer, he went to teach a group of volunteers how to produce radio programmes. While he was there he heard about a listener in one of the remotest parts of Cape Verde, who gets up every morning to listen to TWR because his life has been changed through the programmes. That's the kind of stuff which keeps our spiritual batteries charged at TWR – knowing someone so isolated is being reached right in his home!

Waldo is a classic South African guy. He loves rugby and meat! His favourite rugby team is the Sharks (from the KwaZulu-Natal province) and of course, the Springboks, South Africa's national team. Waldo is also plugged into his church and is constantly involved. When he's not reading big thick text books on networking (paper weights for us non-technical types), he likes to play computer games, or go fishing.

Meet Garth and Fiona Kennedy

Posted in Our Staff


It was the year after high school. Garth really liked Fiona. There was a "problem" though. During their courtship, God called Garth into full time missions. So with great trepidation, he sat down to write Fiona a letter. At the time she was in Thailand as an exchange student. So, he wrote this monumental letter, confessing his missionary calling and wondering how it would impact this relationship he cherished so dearly. Little did he know, Fiona, sitting in Thailand, was doing the exact same thing! Their letters crossed paths mid-air and a great sigh of joyful relief was expressed on the two continents – Africa and Asia!

Brought together by divine scripting, Garth and Fiona, along with their two children, have been in West Africa for the past six years. We caught up with them recently and asked them a few questions.

The Happiest Family on Earth

Posted in Listener Stories

0111A listener from Eritrea writes:

"I am the second of seven children and am turning 17 soon. My dad works to earn a living for the family. Mom stays at home to take care of the house and the children. It is hard to stretch Dad's earnings to meet our needs. He also had the habit of spending time and money with his friends after work. This made the problems we had even worse, and life for us was so miserable and full of suffering and difficulties.

I Stole Someone's Husband

Posted in Listener Stories

0109A woman in Mozambique shares how a Project Hannah prayer group changed her life:

"I am 45 years old. When I was 18 years old I had my son, but my husband did not want to stay with us. I do not have the same financial problems as my sisters in this group. I have a good job. I've been a teacher since I was 23. I did something very bad, though, which destroyed someone's family. I stole someone's husband.