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TWR Joins Duke Choir in Taking Messiah Concert to the World

Posted in News

Messiah-Concert-smallDuke University Chapel’s beloved annual presentation of Handel’s Messiah is going international this year in a broadcast and live-stream collaboration with TWR.

The first two of the Duke Chapel Choir’s three performances Dec. 5-7 will be broadcast and audio-streamed live on five continents. TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) is making the live audio feed of the concert available to its huge network of national partners and contracted media outlets. TWR Africa will air this live broadcast on both DStv channel 855 and the twrafrica.org live stream.

“Thank You, Dear Friend…”: A Story of Hope

Posted in Listener Stories

48Web small China

Language: Mandarin
Country: China

A sister from Shandong province in China who is a student of TWR’s Seminary on the Air program, writes to share her story with us.

I am a first-year student of Seminary on the Air. Although I have yet to meet you face-to-face, I feel as if we are old friends.

Lessons Against Abuse of Women Bear Fruit: A Story of Hope

Posted in Listener Stories

45Web small Burundi-

Language: Kirundi
Country: Burundi

TWR’s programming – by radio, the Internet or any other medium – always grows out of the centrality of Scripture and the necessity of personal salvation through Jesus Christ. But TWR Burundi demonstrates that many of the ministry’s broadcasts also present very concrete ways for biblical principles to be applied in daily life.

Letter from Afar Helped Him Hold Fast: A Story of Hope

Posted in Listener Stories

Web small Ethiopia NovLanguage: English
Country: Ethiopia

In a desk in an Addis Ababa office sits a 23-year-old letter that changed lives.

The letter belongs to Wakshuma Terefe, and he unfolded it recently and told his story to TWR Ministry Relations Director Joe Fort, who was visiting Ethiopia on business. Today, Wakshuma is head of electronic media for the Ethiopian Evangelical Church’s communication service – a partner of TWR – and the letter is partly responsible for that fact.

Extending the Hand of Friendship Amid Persecution: A Story of Hope

Posted in Listener Stories

Web small Egypt Language: Arabic
Country: Egypt

In Egypt it is mandatory for young men to serve in the military for three years. Almost from the start of his service after college, Hussein was drawn to a group of fellow soldiers who were different and had a deep belief in God. They even bore without retaliating the humiliation and persecution from those in charge because of their faith.