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Witness on the Job – A Story of Hope

Posted in Listener Stories

Web small CubaLanguage: Spanish
Country: Cuba

Faithful listeners of TWR often become outspoken promoters of the Christian broadcasts. One Cuban radio repairman even found a way to incorporate his advocacy into his job.

TWR representatives encountered the man during a tour of the Caribbean country to meet with Cuban audience members of the ministry’s programming...

Turning Pain into Victory – A Story of Hope

Posted in Listener Stories

Web small Philippines

Language: Tagalog
Country: The Philippines

"After what I have gone through, I decided to build a home to help disabled people like myself. Even though I have experienced painful circumstances in my life, I believe God has a greater purpose for me. The Lord knows everything, and whatever happened to me can be turned around for good by Him. This is the truth I learned from your program." 

Full of Joy: A Hindu Family is Changed!

Posted in Videos

So the Prisoner May Be Free – A Story of Hope

Posted in Listener Stories

Web small Cambodia

Language: Khmer
Country: Cambodia

Bohpa is nearly 60 years old and leads a house church in Cambodia. Each week, she leads the 20 or so people who come together to worship God. This sister in Christ has a passion for the unreached, a passion that has led her behind bars – but not in the conventional sense of the word....