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God Found Me In Prison - A Listener Story

Posted in Listener Stories

POLAND God-found-me-in-PrisonTWR Country Focus: Poland

Grace and peace be with you all. I want to share the story of my life with you. So far I have spent a total of 10 years in the penitentiary. I still have four years left to go.

My life can be described as a series of calamities. My father was an alcoholic and an executioner. He used to beat up my mother, and she did the same to me as a way of dealing with her stress. I ran away from home and used to do drugs.

Even the Elderly Believe - A Listener Story

Posted in Listener Stories

NORTH-AFRICA Even-the-elderly-believeTWR Country Focus: North Africa

I greet you, friends of God. I am your brother in Christ. Your programs on TWR are full of strength, to the point that even many of the elderly, who are experienced in the dominant religion of this region, are converted to Christ.

Listen to my grandfather's story. He was a fervent [believer in the dominant religion]. He mocked me and laughed when I told him that God's word in the Bible is true and that there is no truth in the [other religion’s scriptures].

Pray for Burundi as Tensions Flare

Posted in News

2011 08B 030 S2011 08B Burundi Luis-PalauTWR’s area director for East Africa has fled his home in Burundi as unrest spreads in this African nation of about 10 million people.

Egide Bandyatuyaga reported by email that he and his wife and three children had time only to pack a few clothes before leaving their home in the capital of Bujumbura to seek safety.

I had hoped that today would be better than yesterday, but this morning we woke up with barricades less than 20 meters from my gate,” he wrote Monday, May 11, 2015.

I Couldn't Deny Jesus - A Listener Story

Posted in Listener Stories

EGYPT -I-coundnt-Deny-JESUSTWR Country Focus: Egypt

I bought a radio just to listen to my favorite radio program, Thru the Bible [TTB], after I moved back to Egypt from [a neighboring country]. Your program was given to me as a gift from God when I was in need of spiritual food, and it was the first and only source of encouragement and spiritual food for my faith after I received the Lord Jesus into my heart.

Let me share with you this blessing I received through you.