A Tribute to Dr Louis Muggleton

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Photo Dr Muggleton in 60th bookAntennae and Radio Propagation Expert Called Home

It was with great sadness that TWR heard of the passing of Dr Louis Muggleton this past weekend at the age of 92.

Dr Muggleton was a Christian engineer of considerable distinction in the field of electrical engineering. His research specialty since 1943 had been in radio wave propagation through the ionosphere as well as in antenna design, and he had earned his doctorate in this field in 1960. In the course of a distinguished career, he was credited with the production of formulas defining one of the basic parameters of the ionosphere for any required time and place. 

When he heard about the development of Christian radio in Europe through TWR, he wrote a letter to Dr Ralph Freed, outlining his background in wave propagation and antennas, and offered his help. This letter arrived in Monte Carlo just as TWR leadership was discussing the considerable cost of expertise in this field, which TWR desperately needed, but could not afford at the time.

Since then, Dr Louis Muggleton has been scientific advisor to TWR, ensuring that the highest professional standards were, and still are, applied to the gospel message that TWR communicates through radio worldwide.

Through tributes from TWR regions and staff from all over the world, it is obvious to see how the Lord prepared Dr Louis - as he was affectionately known - and his wife Sylvia, to play a key role in bringing the gospel to millions of people - something that he was passionate about.

James Burnett, Technical Director for TWR Africa, writes: “As a teenager, in the late 1960’s my father took me along to hear Dr Louis speak about radio and how it was being used to broadcast the gospel into the hard to reach places of the world. This was the start of my interest in radio. In 1983 I had the privilege to drive Dr Louis and Sylvia to TWR in Swaziland and back where we spent a few days together, spending many hours talking about Antennae and Radio Propagation. I learnt so much. Dr Louis was a good teacher and always very willing to share his knowledge. A few years later there was great excitement when he visited us in Swaziland and his computer program could be moved from the University’s main frame computer to a desktop PC.

I am always amazed that Dr Louis spent more than 20 years on developing two computer programs for the use of TWR, as he wanted these programs to be used in broadcasting the gospel. One - called IONS - for calculating the best short wave metre band to use, and the second - called Sky-wave - which calculated the night time signal strength of any Medium Wave broadcast. These have been, and still are, a great help to TWR.

Dr Louis and a colleague, while at Edinburgh University, developed a mathematical model for predicting the E layer of the Ionosphere. This method was later adopted by the ITU in Geneva and is still used today.

Thank you for all you taught me about Antennae and Radio Propagation and for the amazing contribution you made to making broadcasting the gospel around the world so much more successful.”

TWR President and CEO, Lauren Libby, summed up the valuable contribution of Dr Muggleton in these words:

“His support and work with TWR (Trans World Radio) enabled this international, global ministry to deliver the Hope of Jesus Christ to the world via radio. His research and modelling of computer programs have enabled TWR to effectively minister to individuals across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. As a result of Dr Muggleton’s lifework, millions of people are able to tune into “strong clear signals” of TWR.

As we acknowledge Dr Muggleton’s transition to heaven, we who are left behind are so thankful for his life and willingness to freely share his unique gift of research for the spiritual benefit of others.”