TWR's Africa Satellite Radio (Old Version)

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How to Get TWR's French / Swahili Service on the SES-5 Satellite Service?
Purchase a Digital satellite decoder . This is a free-to-air service
  1. Purchase a DVB-S2 and DVB-S compatibile decoder and satellite dish from a satellite installation dealer.
  2. Get your local satellite installer to install your dish and decoder. It is not easy to point it at the exact spot in the sky. 
  3. You will need the following information
    1. Satellite is SES-5
    2. Postion in the sky: 5degrees East
    3. Frequency: 11919 Mhz
    4. Polarization: Horizontal
    5. Synbol Rate: 27500
    6. FEC: 3/4  (Some Decoders needs this as well)
    7. Once this information is enter correctly and the satellite dish is pointing at the right spot in the sky do a search to find all the Free to Air (FTA) stations
  4. Connect to your television and/or sound system.
  5. Follow steps below.