The Way of Righteousness

This series presents the stories and message of the biblical prophets. TWOR has been translated into about 100 languages for broadcast around the world. Using scripts from ROCK International, this series is an English translation of one hundred, chronological 15-minute radio programs first written in the Wolof language of Senegal, West Africa.

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God Has Spoken

Episode 1

What is God Like?

Episode 2

Satan and the Angels

Episode 3

How God Made the World

Episode 4

Why God Created Man

Episode 5

How Sin Entered the World

Episode 7

What Adam's Sin Produced

Episode 8

The Wonderful Promise

Episode 9

Cain & Abel: The Way of Sacrifice

Episode 10

Unrepentant Cain

Episode 11

The Prophet Enoch

Episode 12

Noah and the Great Flood

Episode 14

The Tower of Babel

Episode 16

Why God Called Abraham

Episode 18

Abraham and Ishmael

Episode 20