TWR Africa Satellite Service on DStv

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How to get the TWR Africa Satellite Service on Audio Channel 855 on a DStv Decoder:

  1. The process of obtaining the DStv service
    1. Purchase a satellite dish and satellite decoder from your local Satellite installer.
    2. Get your local satellite dealer to install your dish and decoder.
    3. Contact DStv about which Package you will subscribe to.
    4. Pay DStv the relevant fee for set-up, administration and technical support.
    5. Connect the satellite decoder to your television and/or sound system.
    6. Once you have purchased, installed and activated your decoder, you can tune to TWR Africa.
  2. How to choose a DStv Package
    DStv requires you to subscribe at least to the Easyview Package, in order to listen to TWR Africa. The DStv Easyview Package is the entry level package and includes over 29 TV channels, plus over 54 audio channels and radio stations, including TWR Africa on Audio Channel 855. The cost is R 29.00 per month. This package is available in South Africa only. The price is subject to change. Many alternative DStv packages are also available as shown on the DStv website.

  3. How to tune to TWR Africa on DStv Audio Channel 855
    Use the remote that comes with your Digital Satellite Decoder:
    1. Press the "Function" button and then the audio button.
    2. Press the numbers 8 5 5 for TWR Africa on Audio Channel 855
    3. The name “TWR Africa” will show in the yellow channel display window.
    Most contemporary Decoders tune in a similar way, although there are several Digital Satellite Decoder models available.

  4. What happens if TWR Africa does not appear on your TV screen?
    Follow these steps if you cannot find channel 855 on your DStv decoder, or if your decoder displays the message "E45 Searching for Signal at---MHz":
    1. Press Menu on the remote control.
    2. Scroll to Organising Services and press OK.
    3. Scroll to Full Rescan and press OK twice.
    If the decoder still does not rescan completely, or if your decoder does not have the "Full Rescan" option, then follow these steps:
    1. Press Menu on the remote control.
    2. Scroll to Advanced Options and press OK.
    3. Press OK on Change Dish Installation.
    4. Key in the numbers 9949.
    5. Scroll to Retune IRD and press OK.
  5. Need further help?
    Contact your local DStv service provider for further instructions.

You will now be able to listen to TWR Africa broadcasting in English, Afrikaans and German.