TWR Africa 2 Satellite Service on SES-5

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How to get the TWR Africa 2 Satellite Service in French / Swahili / English on the SES-5 Satellite Service:

TWR broadcasts to Sub-Sahara Africa as a free-to-air service (FTA) on the SES-5 Satellite This FTA audio channel is available in French, Swahili and English.

Setting up a Satellites Dish and Digital satellite decoder:

  1. Purchase a satellite dish and a satellite decoder compatible to DVB-S2 and DVB-S from a satellite installer.

  2. Install your dish and decoder through your local satellite dealer. It is difficult to point the dish at the exact spot in the sky. You need the following information:
    1. Satellite name: SES-5
    2. Position in the sky: 5 degrees East
  3. Connect the Satellite Decoder to your television and/or sound system and enter these details:
    1. Frequency: 11919 MHz
    2. Polarization: Horizontal
    3. Symbol Rate: 27500
    4. FEC: 3/4 (Some Satellite Decoders need this)
    5. Once the satellite dish is pointing at the right direction and this information is entered correctly, you need to scan the satellite decoder to find all the available Free-to-Air (FTA) channels.
  4. Find the correct channel for TWR Africa with these simple steps:
    1. On your Satellite remote control press the audio button or radio button. This will now change the screen to show all the radio and audio channels.
    2. Move up the audio channels by pressing the P+ or the up arrow button.
    3. Move down the audio channels by pressing the -P or the down arrow button.
    4. The TV screen will display some information along the bottom of the screen.
    5. Press the red (i) button to find out more details on each audio channel.
    6. When you reach “TWR Africa” you have found the right radio channel.
  5. For further help please contact your local Satellite Service installer.

You will now be able to listen to TWR Africa 2 broadcasting in French, Swahili and English.