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Web small AdamMbongiseniTwo years ago, Adam Rozanas asked TWR to let him produce Urban Hour, a weekly hip hop / rap show. His supervisor eventually agreed and gave it a late night time slot, simulcast on TWR-Malawi FM and DStv. God used it to reach hearts and change lives and it will continue thanks to Lebo Borole now that Adam is about to return to his native USA.

Adam met Mbongiseni, a faithful listener, 31 October at TWR’s transmitter site during our 40th anniversary celebrations in Swaziland. They are young men about the same age and Mbongiseni has been working at the TWR site this past year. His father has also worked there many years.

 Mbongiseni has been listening to the Urban Hour since the beginning – when it was on at 23:00 (and says moving to an earlier time is a good change!) When he met Adam, he couldn’t praise the programme enough. He says that Urban Hour truly lifts his spirits, and that he wishes more Swazis could hear it. (He listens on DStv, though he is also familiar with TWR medium and short wave.) He claims that it is the “finest show in Africa.” A year ago he visited a friend, who he found smoking Cat (methcathinone) and listening to gangster rap. Mbongiseni gave him a mix tape of Urban Hour music. His friend enjoyed the music so much that he asked Mbongiseni for a ride to church. Mgbongiseni arrived Sunday morning to find him ready and clean. His friend has faithfully been attending church and listening to Urban Hour since then. His life has changed so much that his friend’s parents went to Mbongiseni’s parents and thanked them for raising Mbongiseni in such a way that he could influence their son.

Mbongiseni has other friends in Swaziland and Malawi who listen regularly. They tune in together on Saturday evenings and interact with each other on the TWR Radio 155 Facebook page throughout the program. A friend sent Mbongiseni a Facebook message last month in disbelief that he was listening to Adam’s final episode as producer and host. He was both saddened and excited that Lebo would continue the show.

Adam is humbled and praises God for how he’s used both the Urban Hour and listeners like Mbongiseni to touch and change young lives in Africa. He considers Urban Hour a success and is thankful to his supervisor Anthony for the opportunity and faith to begin and carry on this programme.

Please pray for Lebo as she chooses the songs and messages to play during Urban Hour – which now enjoys an earlier timeslot. Pray that people continue to be blessed by the program.

You can tune in 9:45 – 10:45 PM Saturdays via:

  • TWRafrica.org online streaming
  • DStv channel 855
  • TWR Malawi FM (89.1 Blantyre, 101.7 Thyolo, 106.5 Lilongwe & more)