Daughter-in-Law Discovers Programmes - A Listener Story

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Indonesia Daughter in Law Discovers ProgrammeTWR Country Focus: Indonesia

Waty was deeply burdened because her son had left the faith when he got married.

“It’s a struggle for me,” she explained. “I feel guilty over this. I don’t understand how a person can switch beliefs just like that.”

The situation stirred and encouraged her to stand firm in her faith. Still, as a mother she could not stop worrying about her son and his household.

It was during this time that Waty started listening to Women of Hope programmes on TWR Indonesia’s broadcasts.

“God always strengthens me and blesses me through these programmes,” she said. “I am convinced that he loves me.”

Convinced God would also reveal himself to her daughter-in-law through the programmes, Waty prayed and sought opportunities for them to listen to the broadcasts together. In time, her daughter-in-law became interested not only in listening to the programmes but also in reading the Bible.

Waty began sharing the programme with women who lived near her. After they started listening, seven women gave their lives to Christ!

“Eternal salvation is already waiting for us,” Waty said. “And I want to serve God faithfully.”

Facts about Indonesia:*:

  • With 255 million people, it is the fourth-most-populated country in the world.
  • It consists of 17,500 islands spread across roughly 3.6 million square miles of ocean.
  • During the past half century, the population of evangelicals has grown tremendously, though Islam continues to dominate.

* Operation World, 7th Edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.