Church Isn’t Just for Funerals - A Listener Story

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Mozambique smallTWR Country Focus: Mozambique

A listener in Mozambique wrote TWR’s Project Hannah women’s ministry and global prayer movement to tell her poignant life story. In addition to producing the ministry’s flagship radio programme, Women of Hope, Project Hannah facilitates the meeting of groups in which participants support one another while learning and praying about issues facing women around the world.

"I came to the Project Hannah with the worry of having been abandoned by my husband.  I was not aware that this was a concern for other sisters who were part of the group.

"[As time passed and] my husband never came back, I left the group. Later, because of the prayers of the group and because of the radio programmes I listened to, my life changed. My vision for the Church was small, and I did not know that the Church is not only a place where I could take my family or have people who could perform my funeral with dignity. Instead, it is a place where I can take all my problems and be at peace.

"I began to understand Project Hannah and its objectives. They were somehow able to help me in my suffering. … I returned to the group and a miracle happened – my husband came home and apologised!

"Now I feel that peace has returned to my house because of the Woman of Hope programme and Project Hannah, which helped me deliver my burden to God so that I was blessed. Keep going, Project Hannah. Do not give up giving women hope."

Facts about Mozambique*:

  • Since the end of a lengthy period of civil war and economic mismanagement, Mozambique has become more stable and a focus of foreign investors.
  • Poverty is still widespread, and HIV rates are high.
  • TWR has distributed radios and wind-up MP3 players in the country, and RTM Mozambique (RTM is the Portuguese form of TWR) produces multiple programmes in several languages.

* Operation World, 7th Edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.