Wise Words From a Young Source

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Nepal Wise words from a young source smallTWR Country Focus: Nepal

"I am 9 years old. All of my family members are Christians, and my parents are pastors in my village church. I used to be very proud and greedy. I didn’t obey my parents or respect the elderly. My experience in Sunday school was bad as I was always bullied. Since then, I refused to attend Sunday school. But God had a wonderful plan for me.

"One day, a friend from Sunday school introduced me to the programme Balbatika, and she encouraged me to listen to it. But I paid her no attention. However, about four months later, I met one of the TWR Nepal staff members, who motivated me to listen to the radio programme, highlighting its advantages to me. At that very moment, I was touched by her words and started listening from that day onward.

"I have no words to express my thankfulness to this programme. It has helped me to understand God’s Word very easily, and now I know that Jesus is the only God who loves us. No matter what the situation is, he will never leave nor forsake us.

"Nowadays, I am attending Sunday-school classes regularly. Moreover, I have learned to honour my parents and elders, and to be obedient. I am very happy now. My life has changed tremendously, and I am becoming the child of the Lord Jesus. Thank you, TWR, for such wonderful programmes."

Did You Know?

When the devastating earthquake hit Nepal in mid-2015, TWR Nepal began broadcasting a trauma-counseling programme from 15 FM stations. The team also visited more than 40 villages, distributing relief aid to the victims.