Even the Elderly Believe - A Listener Story

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NORTH-AFRICA Even-the-elderly-believeTWR Country Focus: North Africa

I greet you, friends of God. I am your brother in Christ. Your programs on TWR are full of strength, to the point that even many of the elderly, who are experienced in the dominant religion of this region, are converted to Christ.

Listen to my grandfather's story. He was a fervent [believer in the dominant religion]. He mocked me and laughed when I told him that God's word in the Bible is true and that there is no truth in the [other religion’s scriptures].

I Couldn't Deny Jesus - A Listener Story

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EGYPT -I-coundnt-Deny-JESUSTWR Country Focus: Egypt

I bought a radio just to listen to my favorite radio program, Thru the Bible [TTB], after I moved back to Egypt from [a neighboring country]. Your program was given to me as a gift from God when I was in need of spiritual food, and it was the first and only source of encouragement and spiritual food for my faith after I received the Lord Jesus into my heart.

Let me share with you this blessing I received through you.

The Voice of Hope - A Listener Story

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small Eritrea-backgroundTWR Country Focus: Eritrea

“I am a 35-year-old man partially paralyzed because of a severe stroke. My family and friends tried to do whatever they could to comfort me. Unfortunately none of them could reach my deep emotional turmoil and suffering.

 “One day a friend of mine came with a different approach. Even before my stroke, he used to invite me frequently to join the spiritual fellowship and listen to the radio ministry of TWR.