Roadside Encounter Set Him on Right Path - A Story of Hope

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59Web small USALanguage: Spanish
Country: USA

You are blessed in the name of our Father, Jesus, Christ, our Savior. My heart is glad every time I listen to your messages. I traveled across the United States from 1984 to 2005, and I have listened to you at different times depending on the state I was in.

I live in Norwalk, California, and I listen to you on 1390, Radio Nueva Vida. I have not been working for a year because of an accident on the job site, but God is good.

Visit Gives Blessing to Both Listener and Ministry - A Story of Hope

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58Web small KenyaLanguage: Swahili
Country: Kenya

For a blind man who drew hope from TWR broadcasts while recovering from a tragic traffic accident, a visit to the ministry’s office in Kenya was a dream come true. It was a moving experience for the staff who received him, as well.

A staff member was the first one to notice the arrival of special visitor Francis Mwai at the TWR Kenya facility. Two people entered the gate – one man in his mid-20s and the other much older and wearing dark sunglasses and carrying a walking stick.

The Story of Jirmo - A Story of Hope

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56Web small KenyaLanguage: Swahili
Country: Kenya

We encounter Jirmo Bokayo, a 58-year-old woman from the Dub Goba area of Marsabit County in Kenya, on a rainy afternoon.  The Marsabit team of Sifa FM, a network of radio frequencies used by TWR Kenya, is visiting Dub Goba to distribute food. At first, Jirmo is shy and a bit reserved, but later she opens up to us and shares about events of years ago that still shape her life today.

Thankful to Our Great God: A Story of Hope

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50Web small HungaryLanguage: Hungarian
Country: China

This letter has long been formulated in me. MERA (TWR Europe’s partner in Hungary) has been very important in my life for years. The truth is, sometimes words cannot express it.

In everyday life, I always look forward for the new programs to be uploaded on the website and can’t wait to listen to them. One by one I listen to all the programs, the sermons, the testimonies and teachings. I can download all and listen to them again and again!