Blessed by Radio Church Kits: A Story of Hope

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Language: Mandarin
Country: China

I am brother Chen, a leader of a church in a rural province in China. We had a lot of members in our church who did not have a clear understanding of God and had no inclinations to serve Him. However, things changed in 2006 when we received grace from God through the TWR Radio Church Kits.A sister from Shandong province in China who is a student of TWR’s Seminary on the Air program, writes to share her story with us.

Letter from Afar Helped Him Hold Fast: A Story of Hope

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Country: Ethiopia

In a desk in an Addis Ababa office sits a 23-year-old letter that changed lives.

The letter belongs to Wakshuma Terefe, and he unfolded it recently and told his story to TWR Ministry Relations Director Joe Fort, who was visiting Ethiopia on business. Today, Wakshuma is head of electronic media for the Ethiopian Evangelical Church’s communication service – a partner of TWR – and the letter is partly responsible for that fact.