Mozambique Nutrition Workshop & Medical Outreach

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TWR Hosts Nutrition Workshop and Medical Outreach in Mocuba, Mozambique

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Over the past few years TWR, together with the Foundations for Farming organisation and other partners in Africa, has broadcast a series of conservation farming audio programmes. The programmes have been used across several media platforms in Africa to help ensure food security for communities and income generation for families.

The farming of crops and raising of animals have been identified by TWR as a strategic means for poverty eradication in Mozambique. This programme incorporates farming from God's perspective and proven farming methods to address the issue of food insecurity and stewardship.


 A team in Mozambique developed radio programmes for this exciting conservation series to be broadcast in two languages in Mozambique. The series of 15 minute programmes are being aired on TWR's Radio Capital (FM) in Maputo and shortwave from Swaziland.

To support their aims in Mozambique, TWR also recently hosted a food and nutrition workshop in June, coupled with a medical outreach in the Zambezia Province of Mozambique. TWR and other ministry partners and donors sent a team of 10 people from South Africa (two pilots and eight passengers).

The nutrition workshop participants consisted of about 34 key people from churches, the Ministry of Health from the Mocuba district and non-governmental organisations. The workshop included information sharing, peer group work and practical demonstrations of food combination for maximum nutritional value. Some of the topics addressed were eating patterns in Zambezia, nutrition throughout a life cycle, recipes and food preparation based on existing food stuffs in Zambezia. Discussions included interventions to curb malnutrition problems such as insufficient nutrition in meals, frequent sickness, unsafe drinking water and sanitation.

Whilst the nutrition workshop was taking place, the medical outreach team was simultaneously in full swing with long queues outside the centre. Together, the doctors attended to over 140 patients from the community where 40% were treated for eye problems and the other 60% for general health problems. People expressed their gratitude for their new found knowledge on healthy eating and living. They were grateful for the medical care; some of which hadn't been available for a long time, if ever.

It is the team's heart desire that the knowledge gained from the food and nutrition workshop will go a long way to help communities and families in the Mocuba district to eat well from the little crop yield they have during the farming season.

Hopefully, an opportunity will arise again for a follow-up visit to Mocuba to see the impact of this visit and to further assist the many people who may need it.


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