TWR Celebrates 60 Years of broadcast

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Announcement graphic"This is the radio voice of International Evangelism in Tangier. We are happy to greet you in the name of the Lord on this our first day of broadcasting the gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ."

With organ music swirling in the background, those heavily accented English words from a small station on the tip of North Africa introduced a fledgling broadcast ministry that was determined “to reach the people everywhere without exception”. It was 22 February 1954, and Ralph Freed, general director of the ministry and the father of Dr. Paul Freed, was the first person on the air for the broadcaster that would become Trans World Radio.

Sixty years later, TWR is still reaching out to listeners, communicating the gospel to 160 countries, in more than 230 languages, from multiple high-power radio transmitters and over digital media..

As the parent organisation marks its 60th birthday in 2014, two of its key transmitter sites will also be celebrating round-number anniversaries::

Fifty years ago, TWR Bonaire began broadcasting Biblical truth from the Caribbean island Bonaire in 1964.

We also celebrate the 40th anniversary of the TWR transmitter site in Swaziland, South Africa, which began broadcasting on November 1, 1974.

As part of our anniversary celebrations, we will feature listener stories from across the world on a weekly basis on the Web site. To view these heart-warming stories and testimonies, visit our Web site or go to our FB page