TWR Responds to Ebola

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The current Ebola virus outbreak is the largest to date. TWR West Africa Director Abdoulaye Sangho reports that our national office in Cote d'Ivoire (TWR-CI) plans an emergency response project.

The Ebola epidemic continues to spread in West Africa and has already claimed more than 1,000 lives. Given the magnitude of the crisis, The World Health Organization recently stated that use of unproven, experimental treatments is ethical. Countries like Liberia have already begun closing their borders because the virus could spread like wildfire.

TWR-CI National Director Omer Liacet Aboua has spoken with Ivorian Director of Public Health Dr. Marie-Joseph Bitty. She is ready to provide specialists to communicate on the issue and help launch the project next week. TWR-CI is also discussing a response from an association of religious and faith-based organizations working in health in Cote d'Ivoire. Short spots and full-length episodes on Ebola and it's prevention will be recorded and broadcast via satellite, medium wave, and some local FM stations.

Please pray for this three-month campaign to launch in the next week. Until funds are donated for this work, TWR-CI will start small with five short "spots" and five half-hour "health magazine" episodes in five languages including French, Bambara and other local languages. If funds are donated quickly, more content in more languages will be produced and aired. The team also wants to publish awareness flyers to distribute to churches and mosques.

Please pray for wisdom and rapid cooperation of the church, government and missionaries. You can also donate now to expand the project quickly and help thousands have the life-saving information they need.