Down But Not Out!

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Swaziland Transmitter Site Repairs

Peace was unexpectedly transformed into mayhem when a powerful storm damaged our transmitter site in Manzini Swaziland. Substantial damage was sustained to feed lines and a curtain antenna element when Manzini was hit by severe wind and hail on Sunday night, 19 April. 

Fixing - poles 01There are many short wave transmissions from this site. TWR Swaziland currently broadcasts to over a dozen countries in 34 languages. For millions in countries like Mozambique and Pakistan, it may be their very first introduction to Jesus Christ.

So important is the running of this operation that though the following day was the King of Swaziland's birthday (and therefore a public holiday), the Mormond Electrical Company in Swaziland came out to help with repairs. All of our Swaziland-based engineers gave up their day off to begin repairs. “We knew that we had to jump in and repair the equipment as soon as possible” says Chief Engineer Klaus Schiller. “From here in Swaziland, we have the potential to reach millions with the hope that they may find everlasting life.” 

In God’s provision, Mark Blosser, a missionary who served as TWR Swaziland's Station Manager for many years, was visiting South Africa. Mark and TWR Africa’s Technical Services Director James Burnett, drove to Swaziland to lend a hand. "Now that everything is up and running again," says James Burnett, “please pray as permanent repairs are done over the next couple of months.”

Transmitter Building Repairs Needed

SWZ Picture3Following the hailstorm, our Swaziland transmitter building's roof and insulation were damaged in the switch bay, a critical part of the building.

“The insulation is so important” says James Burnett, TWR Africa’s Technical Services Director, “because it protects very expensive transmitters by keeping the heat out in summer and trapping the heat inside, in winter. It is absolutely necessary for us to regulate the temperatures in the transmitter building, and we therefore need to repair damaged sections of the building and insulation as soon as possible. Please help us!”

Funds are now needed to fix the gaps in the roof and to replace the silver insulation.

Please help us to restore the transmitter hall to full functionality!

We have created a special fund and are calling the public to please make donations towards the repairs to replace the roof and silver insulation falling apart over the switch bay.

Thank you for helping us to stay on air!

Banking details:
Trans World Radio
Standard Bank
Festival Mall – Kempton Park
Branch Code: 012442
Account No: 020152809
Reference: Please use your initials, surname and the word “repairs”.

You may also give online, via credit card.