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Women in many parts of the world are marginalised, experiencing high levels of poverty, lack of education, oppression and health crises. This year, the Amharic and Afan Oromo team leaders of the TWR Women of Hope in Ethiopia hosted their 10th anniversary to celebrate and share testimonies of how God has touched and changed women's lives using the teams. In Ethiopia there are 81 languages and the teams are working hard to reach the unreached women and children in the country. As women come together in prayer to celebrate this year's International Women's Day, we pray that God strengthen the teams to reach out to more women in the country.


TWR Women of Hope Global Ministry Director, Dr Peggy Banks was among the TWR Women of Hope delegation who travelled to Ethiopia to grace the event. Find out more about the TWR Women of Hope ministry on For TWR, International Women's Day is a chance to support women through the Gospel. Read Celebrating and equipping women is not done by women alone. There are many men who listen to and support women through listening to the programmes and some men’s view and treatment of their wives have changed for the better. In fact, Peggy  reveals some men have joined TWR WoH prayer groups. 


The lives of many men and women have been transformed by listening to the radio programmes of TWR Women Of Hope in Amharic and Afaan Oromo languages. The National Coordinator of TWR women of Hope in Ethiopia says the main goal of the celebrations was to bring praise and glory to God who changed the lives of many women through the service of TWR Women of Hope. "Another goal is to kindly request individuals and organisations to share their vision by taking part in carrying the heavy burden of these women," she says. The goal of TWR Women of Hope in Ethiopia is to train women and empower them to exercise the victorious life they got through sacrifice of Our Lord Jesus Christ. "We want to train women to be strong leaders, in their home, churches, communities and in the country.


I am a member of TWR WoH prayer group. Once, together with three other women, I visited a local congregation to attend the prayer programme of TWR WOH that takes place every three months. The programme was blazing with the power of God. After we got up from kneeling for prayer, the man who got up to preach called me and told me that God has opened a door of work for me. I received the message by faith. In the message, the man also told me that I would be a mother of many orphans. I went back home holding the message in my heart.

Since that time, a new chapter has opened in my life. I started a small business. God made me a successful businesswoman. Before, I had nothing. But now, the LORD has blessed me. I kept on holding on to God's promises that I will be a mother of many orphans.

Last year, I was looking after four children and this year I have eight children under my care. For me, this is a service of blessing given to me by God through the services of TWR WoH. Since the time I joined TWR WoH prayer group, the Lord has blessed and empowered me spiritually and financially. My life has improved. I have grown in the knowledge of the Word of God. I have learned to share with others. I still believe that God will do greater things through me. I thank TWR WoH for the wonderful programmes that keep me strong and trusting God.