Listener's Corner

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Our hearts are always warmed and encouraged when we receive responses from listeners throughout our continent. Here are a few of those responses to encourage you.

DRC: My neighbours and I are so very blessed by this programme. From the mountains, east of the DRC we are able to tune into this programme and when it is time for the broadcast, my neighbours and I gather around the radio receiver to listen to it. Afterward, we discuss it to better understand what we have just heard. Thus, as pastors and evangelists, we are more and more equipped with Bible knowledge that helps us to teach our congregations. May God continue blessing you richly.

Angola: I was a member of the Angolan Army. Then I made a big mistake which caused me to be arrested. I have been in prison since June 2009. One night I was tuning my radio to hear the news, but instead of the national news I tuned in to TWR. That was the moment Thru The Bible (TTB) was on air. Since then I have followed this programme every day and my life is being blessed. I know that God brought me to this place to change my life through this radio programme.

Ghana: The TTB programme is really a blessing to us here. I gather people here every morning for us to listen to the messages together. It has really been a good devotional. People in my church wonder how somebody like me who cannot read can teach so well in the church. My secret is the daily messages of the TTB programme where I learn the Bible ... The messages are so enlightening, I suggest you increase the time allotted to it. The current 30 minutes is not enough at all.

Mozambique: I am a single mother with two children. I am always inspired and comforted whenever I listen to the TWR programmes. I listen to them every day. Finally I invited two friends of mine and now we listen together. I give thanks to the Lord for these programmes, particularly the children's programmes which help me a lot to guide my children in the right way, which would otherwise be difficult to manage alone. May God bless you and inspire you to continuously provide such Christian education, as a unique source of help for spiritual growth.

Côte d'Ivoire: I was sick for years and I consulted several doctors and spent a lot of money for a cure but I did not get better. I wondered if someone had cast a spell or if it was the work of witches. Then the doctors informed me that I was infected with the AIDS virus. Despite all their advice during pre- and post-testing, it was not easy for me to accept it. But now I have accepted it and I live positively with HIV. If I'm living now it's because of your programme and I want to say thank you for everything you do. Also while listening to the radio I heard the gospel and I gave my life to Jesus. Today I am happy and fulfilled. May God bless you.

Published: 21 January 2011