From Swaziland to Japan

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It's not every day that you get a listener letter from Japan in response to a short wave (SW) broadcast out of Swaziland! On 2 December 2010, at 18:20, Dr. Takumi1, living in Japan, tuned in to 9500kHz and listened to forty minutes of our broadcast out of Swaziland. These two cities are approximately 13,000 km apart! Part of this broadcast included Thru The Bible in African English. This is a reminder of the power of short wave radio signals in reaching beyond barriers far away.

In order to beam a SW radio signal to a listener thousands of kilometres away, the SW transmitter sends the signal upwards into the earth's ionosphere, which then bounces the signal back down to earth. Our SW transmitter in Swaziland is set to bounce its signal off of the ionosphere into East Africa, however the signal can bounce up and down several times covering up to 4000 km per bounce!

Dr. Takumi is what we call a DX-listener. He is part of a worldwide phenomenon of people who have made a hobby out of tuning in and identifying distant radio signals. Although identifying our signal on 9500kHz was a hobby triumph for him, the fact that He listened to the Word of God in the Far East by "chance" from a transmitter in Swaziland, is a Kingdom triumph for us!

In Dr. Takumi's letter he says, "Though I am a follower of another religion, I was impressed by the sincerity of your broadcast." We pray that this small seed that was sown would grow and that many more DX-listeners across the globe will by "chance" pick up our signal and hear the Word of God, in addition to the tens of millions in the East Africa block.

1. Name changed for security reasons

Published: 22 January 2011