Encompassing Mozambique with Love

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Take a trip with me in your mind to Mozambique. I want you to imagine three things. Join me in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, and imagine if the signal from the TWR FM station there could reach an extra 50km into the outlying areas of Maputo. Now, imagine if the reliability and quality of the broadcasts from the Maputo station were improved. Finally, leapfrog with me right up north to the Zambezia province of Mozambique and imagine the very first Christian FM station on the air in Mocuba.

Imagine, if these three things happened, how many more people in Mozambique would hear a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ? How many more would receive much needed instruction in their walk of faith? How many more would be given access to life-saving, life-changing information? If I said, "just one" would it be worth it? Of course, yes! The bonus is that many thousands more will be reached, which makes it all the more worth it!

Are these not three good goals in a country which ranks amongst the world's poorest, where the life expectancy of people living there is 48 years, and where, worst of all, more than 50% of the population do not profess Christ as Lord and Saviour?1

Recently a listener from Maputo wrote in to tell us how the programmes are helping her. She said the following:

"I am a single mother with two children. I am always inspired and comforted whenever I listen to the TWR programmes. I listen to them every day. Finally I invited two friends of mine and now we listen together. I give thanks to the Lord for these programmes, particularly the children's programmes. They help me a lot to guide my children in the right way, which would otherwise be difficult to manage alone because of my social status. May God bless you and inspire you to continuously provide such Christian education - it is a unique source of help for spiritual growth."

The question is, how many women are in a similar situation, and are yet out of range of the broadcasts, perhaps just behind a hill or two? That's why we're undertaking these three initiatives.

What's exciting is that at the beginning of February 2011, a group of partners are coming out from Canada to take a trip to Maputo and Mocuba to see whether they can help us complete these three projects! Please go to our "Support" section on our web site to find out more about these critical projects.2

1. Operation World, 7th edition.
2. http://www.twrafrica.org/projects/mozambique.asp

Published: 29 January 2011