Your Support Matters!

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Last year TWR-South Africa sent out three appeal letters to garner support for three gospel radio causes: to keep Zimbabwe radio programmes on the air; to keep Swahili radio programmes on the air; and to get Women of Hope - Zulu onto the air. We want you to know that every single donation received to date for these three projects has gone a long way to help us reach, preach and teach many people on this continent.

Zimbabwe Appeal - feedback

In Zimbabwe, we are in the process of producing a Shona version of the programme, Foundations for Farming. Your donations have contributed towards this. This programme helps Zimbabweans make the best of the land that they have at their disposal, while also presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your donations have also contributed towards keeping other programmes on the air, including, Tools for Wise Leadership. A listener writes, "This programme has developed me and is continuing to develop me into a good leader." Another listener comments on another programme: "For a long time now this has become my source of inspiration and spiritual guidance. I find this programme moulding me and keeping me closer to God." Another long-term listener has been able to help resolve many a theological dispute in his church as he has been discipled over many years through the TWR-Zimbabwe radio programmes. Thank you to those who have given and to those who have prayed - you have helped make this possible.

Other programmes you've contributed to include: Impilo Egcweleyo (an HIV/AIDS programme in the Ndebele language), Radio Bible (broadcast in Shona and English, this programme enables and encourages listeners to engage with the Bible), and Mumazuva Ehujaya Neumhandara (helping young Shona speakers understand life issues from a biblical perspective).

"Tinotenda!" (translation: thank you in Shona).

East Africa Appeal - feedback

We are blessed to have a constant stream of listener testimonies telling us how their lives have been touched through the broadcasts, helped by your contributions. A new believer from Kenya writes, "Praise the Lord and greetings in Jesus' name! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great work you are doing for God.

I am a new believer and I thank you for your teachings and even for the Bible I got from you. God bless you." You are keeping programmes like Witness at the Water on air and this is helping young children navigate their way biblically in a world turned upside down. We are also broadcasting a Swahili version of Foundations for Farming, and a programme called Dr. Luke which is helping people live healthy lives.

"Asante!" (translation: thank you in Swahili).

Project Hannah Appeal - feedback

Finally, as we anticipate the Project Hannah programme Women of Hope - Zulu, we are excited to announce that we now have enough funds to produce the first 30 episodes of the series! Production will take place up until June 2011, and the programmes will be aired in the latter half of the year. Project Hannah is having an impact in many places where TWR broadcasts, as oppressed women find freedom in Christ. A listener from Kenya writes, "I should say that through Project Hannah I have learnt to put my hope in God. The Women of Hope programmes have also made my faith grow in the Lord. Through prayers, I have been healed." We are looking forward to what God is going to do through this programme amidst the Zulu women of South Africa!

"Ngiyabonga!" (translation: thank you in Zulu).

The giving for these three appeals is not over, so if you would like to still participate, please contact us. Please continue to pray for Zimbabwe, East Africa and the Zulu speaking women of South Africa.

Published: 23 February 2011