You Can Re-establish Juba Arabic Programming in Southern Sudan

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A listener from Yei in southern Sudan wrote, "...Your programme in Juba Arabic has been a blessing to us in Yei. I have witnessed people develop a close relationship with the Lord by listening to your programme almost daily here in Yei. I write to ask that you extend the length of the broadcast to at least a half an hour. May God bless this ministry in Juba Arabic so that you reach many who are suffering in this region..."

The problem is, the programme no longer exists due to lack of funding - it ended in 2009. So we have put a challenge out to our TWR family (that's you). Please pray about partnering with us to help bring back Juba Arabic gospel radio programmes for southern Sudan.

The time is ripe for biblical preaching and teaching in southern Sudan. As southern Sudan secedes from northern Sudan and a whole new country is formed in Africa, the gospel must be preached and the Bible must be taught.. Jesus calls Christians salt in Matthew 5:13. Salt seasons, preserves, cleanses, and heals - society in southern Sudan needs this on all levels, especially in education and leadership, which is what the programmes will focus on.

A listener of the former Juba Arabic programme in southern Sudan wrote, "I encourage you and all those paying for the work that it is not in vain that you are doing this work." Indeed! Supporting this initiative will not be in vain because it will contribute to the expansion of God's Kingdom as this new country is formed. Please prayerfully consider a partnership gift of R50, R100, R200 or whatever the Lord leads you to give.

Matt. 24:14: "And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. " (ESV)

Published: 29 March 2011