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"Fgsltw thghos twbihsnp bhel, ooooho heaino hhenihoe uati, rdver avsln aolmotr tvef, eltey teiu iere, ddvelsn evdha resl." (Ojnh t:s)

Does that look like gibberish to you? Welcome to what all written text looks like to four hundred million people in Africa.1 If you just read the previous sentence, you are not one of them, and you are very blessed to be among those who can read.

However, just because someone can read, doesn't mean that they learn through literate means. Two thirds of all people in the world are oral communicators - who can't, don't, or won't learn through literate means.2 The four hundred million statistic covers only those who can't.

So, even if we were to translate the Bible into the languages of the non-literate and oral-learners and put a copy in their homes, it may not result in use. Now, Bibles and Bible story books are necessary they are the precious jewels of literacy training. However, in the time between the completion of translation and the gift of literacy, people need the Word of God communicated in ways accessible to them.

One way to do this is through stories. TWR, in partnership with OneStory has Africa's oral learners at heart. Through an intensive consultative process, while immersed in the target culture, story sets are crafted. These stories are taken from the Bible, beginning with creation and ending with eternity. Once the stories are ready, they are recorded and broadcast over radio.

Be a part of bringing the gospel to non-literate and oral learners in West Africa by contributing to our project, From Creation to Eternity. A donation of R100, R200 or whatever the Lord lays on your heart will go a long way to helping people experience what many take for granted.

Just in case you were wondering, the gibberish sentence above uses all the letters required to construct this sentence: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life" (John three:sixteen ESV). That's what this project exists to do - bring the message of the gospel to people in a way they assists them to go from doubt, to decision to discipleship.

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Published: 29 March 2011