Unlocking Media, Transforming Lives

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In October 2011 we will welcome delegates from all over the world as we host the Africa International Partners Conference (AICP) in Kempton Park, South Africa. The theme of AICP 2011 is Unlocking Media, Transforming Lives. Many on this continent and abroad have perceived the truth of the statement: "Africa is the same. Africa is changing." This means that the landscape of media ministry in Africa must follow suit. It must endure and it must develop.

Thus, the question we seek to answer at AICP 2011 is, How can we effectively minister the gospel to a static and a changing Africa through media? Transformation from the ground up is our goal, media is our means, and the conference is a time to look at how to marry the two, as we forge ahead.

Relationships will be renewed, efforts will be aligned, and a common vision will be shared. As we prepare for this tremendous undertaking, we covet your prayers over the next 8 months.

Please pray for:

  • That which needs to happen before the conference - all the planning and preparation. Ask God to give all those involved spiritual wisdom and discernment.
  • Also pray that the necessary resources are made available.
  • That which needs to happen during the conference - all the learning and networking. Ask God to begin to work in delegates hearts' even now.
  • That which needs to happen after the conference - implementation of ideas and concepts. Ask God to make AICP 2011 a catalyst for future ministry initiatives.

Published: 29 March 2011