Healing Africa's Aches and Pains

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What do you do when you have an ache or a pain?

In First World countries the answer is simple - "I go to the doctor, the pharmacy or I purchase an over-the-counter medication." However, in Third World countries in Africa, it's not that simple. Oftentimes, the answer is, "I don't know what to do." What's worse is when the ailment is the result of poor hygiene due to a lack of basic information, or simply due to a lack of health facilities, and what could have easily been prevented becomes life-threatening. Perhaps, even worse, is when the condition causes people to go to traditional healers who sometimes prescribe a course of action which makes things more severe. The worst part, however, is when communities shun those suffering from treatable conditions as if they were under a contagious curse.

In their profile describing the African continent, Operation World considers disease in Africa stating, "The effects of widespread illnesses and shortened lifespans on education, family stability and economic output are devastating. Whole economies are crippled as a result. The lack of clean water is not a disease in itself, but it contributes hugely to the spread of disease and to malnutrition."1 Clearly, there is a need to address this situation through education and assistance.

One of the very exciting projects we have under "Healthy Living" is called "Healing Souls." For this project, TWR has joined forces with Mercy Ships in West Africa. A programme series is being broadcast over MW and in hospitality radio centers, informing people about the medical and surgical treatment available with Mercy Ships, and also educating them about common medical conditions and how to live healthily. All this with the goal to bring love, hope and healing to West Africa's forgotten poor. Our transmitter in Benin can reach up to 200 million people living in West Africa!

Other projects falling under "Healthy Living" would cover many of the health issues facing Africans today, including:

  • Diseases, such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, cholera etc ...
  • Medical conditions, such as tumors, blindness, childbirth injuries, diabetes, stroke etc ...
  • Lifestyle issues, such as water purification and sanitation, oral hygiene, personal hygiene etc ...

All these, and more, will be part of this initiative, with an ultimate view toward seeing the people of Africa become spiritually healthy in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please prayerfully consider a gift of R100 or more to the project Healthy Living so you can be a part of healing Africa's aches and pains.

1. Operation World, 7th Edition

Published: 06 April 2011