Q&A: Simon Burdett

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Name: Simon Burdett
Position: Relationship Development Co-ordinator
Corporate Background: Public Relations, Marketing, General Management
Family: Jean (wife), Harry (15), Louise (13), Jonathan (11)

We asked Simon a few questions about ministry and life. Here's what he had to say ...

What does a Relationship Development Co-ordinator do?

"My job is to coordinate the development of TWR's partner relationships. Out of these relationships come the support that is needed to deliver TWR's strategy. More simply put - I am involved in making friends for TWR, who will, I hope, become our partners. "

Tell us about your calling into full time ministry?

When his mom developed Alzheimer's, Simon asked himself, "What if I develop Alzheimer's?" He goes on to explain his thoughts at that point of his life: "At the moment I'm working for retirement with all these corporate career aims, but I might not have that. Maybe the Lord's only giving me a sound mind for the next fifteen years, ten years - who knows? And that really made me think: What am I actually doing with my life? The organisation that I worked for is a very good organisation ... but I looked at the organisation and I just thought: If those resources in that organisation were put into the Lord's kingdom - that would revolutionise what's happening in the Kingdom of God! As I mulled this over, there was a question that came to me, 'But what about you?'" The rest is history!

What do you do for fun?

"A lot of my time is taken up with work in my local church. I'm the treasurer of the church and I'm also the Rector's Warden (the equivalent of an elder). So there's quite a lot of work around that. But then, for relaxation, I love to listen to music - I'm an audiophile - getting the best possible music reproduction out of the equipment I can lay my hands on. It's somewhat related to my work now!"

Tell us about your faith walk?

"I was in a church-going family, probably more nominal Christian, though my mom was definitely a believer. But then I became rebellious at about 14 where I just pulled out of the church completely - I didn't want to go and I didn't go. From speaking subsequently with my mother, that was when she really started to pray for me. And when I was 16, I had this fear of death that just took hold of me - powerfully. I believe that was the Lord answering my mom's prayers for me - that's what led me back to church and listening to the gospel and giving my life to the Lord."

What excites you about working at TWR?

"I guess I am a salesman at heart, even though I have done several other jobs. The first thing a salesman has to do is to believe in the product and I must tell you, and I hope this will encourage you -TWR is a very marketable product. Our customers as such are the Lord's people and I am sure there are many of them who will support this illustrious organization and its mission to expand God's Kingdom into the future. I'm glad to be a part of it!"

Quotable Quotes from Simon
Commenting on the difference between religion and faith, Simon says, "If anybody ever tries to sell you a painting that comes with a certificate, don't touch it, because a painting by Michelangelo doesn't need a certificate." In other words, a person's life speaks for itself - much more loudly than their religious affiliation.

Then, talking about planning, Simon asks a pertinent question: "What is the devil's strategy? How can we break his strategy?"

Please pray for Simon as he embarks on this journey with TWR.

Published: 06 April 2011