Radio, a God Given Tool

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TWR Burundi interviewed an officer in the Burundian army recently.

Q: You have testified that you came to salvation thanks to TWR programmes. How did it happen?

A: I liked to listen to TWR Burundi's Good News for All, aired on Saturdays. Radio was our sole means for us to listen to the Word of God while on the battlefield. One particular Saturday, I was listening to that programme. As I listened to the message, I felt as if the preacher was talking about me. He talked about repentance, and deliverance from sin. I was convinced that I needed to repent. The following day, I gave my life to Christ. That was in 1999.

Q: How easy/hard was it to hear the gospel while on the battlefield?

A: It was not easy. It was a time when the government army was fighting against the rebel movements. No pastor could come to us and so many church buildings had been destroyed in the course of the fighting. Radio became the only means to listen to the gospel. I counted myself fortunate to be in possession of a radio set during that time. So many of my friends and I were so much helped by that radio.

Radio, a God Given Tool

A: Radio has a very strong impact. It is normally one person sitting in the studio but he talks to many people, in and out of the country. Radio reaches all places. People who usually do not go to church can listen to the gospel through radio. Let me say that radio is a God-given tool to spread His word.

Q: What would you suggest be done so that TWR programmes reach and help many people?

A: I wish that Good News for All could be aired more than once a week, let's say for example three times a week. That way, I trust that people will have enough opportunities to listen to it and be impacted and give their lives to the Lord.

Q: What would you like to tell sponsors of TWR programmes?

A: First I thank them for their contributions. So many people, me included, have been saved thanks to those contributions. Personally, I appreciate them and pray that God will pay them back for each single dime they give. I pray that God will bless them so that they give more and sponsor even more programmes.

Q: Suppose there is no sponsorship for the programmes, what will be the loss to listeners?

A: According to me, if the programmes lack funding, it will be synonymous to stopping the gospel in world! It will be difficult to get many people to come to the Lord. Sin would reign and lead people to hell. Let me encourage sponsors to continue funding the programmes.

Pray for this army officer. Ask God to use him as salt and light in the Burundian army.

Published: 19 April 2011