God is Providing for Women in Burundi

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Upendo, Agatha and Msunza bow their heads in prayer. Sitting in chairs around a microphone in a small recording studio in Dar Es Salaam, the ladies lift up each listener that would soon hear the Women of Hope radio programme they are preparing to record. The Tanzanian studio is transformed into a sanctuary for God to prepare the hearts of the producers as well as the future Kiswahili-speaking listeners.

Just over 1,000 Km (700 miles) to the west, in the town of Bujumbura, Burundi women who spent many years as refugees in Tanzania, find life more difficult than anticipated. They return with more than the meagre goods they could carry on their backs. The Burundian transplants now speak another language, the language of their former host country of Tanzania - Kiswahili.

Bringing together a gift of hope and an intense need, the Project Hannah radio programme, Women of Hope-Kiswahili, is seeing God's hand of provision at work.

In the vicinity of three FM stations within Tanzania, many women have been listening to the new Women of Hope-Kiswahili radio programme for several months now. The Kiswahili programmes are a source of education on various women's issues, a connecting-point with other women on their role in the home and community, and are full of life-transforming essentials for spiritual growth.

Amazingly like the loaves and the fishes miracle in the Bible - where an abundant provision for thousands of hungry people near the Sea of Galilee came from a very small beginning - the Kiswahili women's radio programmes are multiplying from a small beginning. Beyond the borders of Tanzania, the spiritual food is nourishing women in the land-locked country of Burundi.

Less than six months from the first production of the Women of Hope-Kiswahili programmes the same programmes are being transported to Bujumbura, Burundi for broadcasting over national FM radio. The TWR director for Burundi says, "Assist us in this task of alleviating women's problems. I do not know anyone else doing it here."

In a world seemingly out of control with poverty, abuse, rape and other wicked acts toward girls and women of Burundi, Jehovah Jireh, our provider, makes a way through the problems, to bring the solution in His son, Jesus Christ.

Would you like to connect with women in Tanzania and Burundi - helping them find transformed lives in Jesus? Your gift of R100, R200, R500 or whatever God lays on your heart, will answer the prayers of Upendo, Agatha and Msunza, for the needs of the Kiswahili radio listener.

Published: 19 April 2011