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TWR has installed satellite downlinks at 17 local FM stations in West Africa, so far. Seven in Burkina Faso, five in Togo and five in Benin! Along with each installation comes an agreement to broadcast the programme, Thru the Bible, which is a 30-minute, Monday through Friday, chronological explanation of the entire Bible, by the late J. Vernon McGee.

Thru the Bible is translated and adapted into the local language and culture ensuring maximum understanding of the entire counsel of God's Word. It takes a total of five years to broadcast. That's a total of 650 hours of Biblical teaching!

You may ask, what does this mean for West Africa outreach? Well, it means several things:
1. Technicians of local FM stations are equipped with new skills.
2. The TWR Beninois team is invested in as they participate in the training.
3. Our delivery platforms to West Africa are expanded by including FM alongside AM. This is done strategically in places where FM is popular.
4. Our participation and presence in the media environment of West Africa is increased.
Overall, we are investing in West Africa and her people while at the same time reaching West Africa with her people! Praise God for allowing us this opportunity and privilege.

You can contribute to this initiative by praying and giving of your resources in partnership with TWR. At present we are planning to install satellite downlinks at a few FM stations in Ghana. Please let us know if you want to be a part of it.

Contributions to this project fall under an initiative called Creative Distribution of the Gospel for Africa. This project asks the question, "How can we extend the reach of our signal and our programmes throughout Africa?" Whether it be satellite downlinks, MP3 players , CD's or DVD's we want the gospel to go as far and wide as possible.
Help us extend the reach of media for Christ!

Published: 30 April 2011