You've Never Heard of This Country Before

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We know, it's sometimes hard to believe that radio is still boss! What, with the internet and cell phones and television and what not. But, it's still boss! Trust us. In Africa, where literacy is low, oral communication is high and radios are prevalent, we're waving the gospel flag as high as we can through the radio waves!

A country we're planning inroads into with this miracle device, is a country you've never heard of. That's because it doesn't have an official name yet, and the map on your wall is old! Okay, that's enough clues; you should know which country we're talking about now - its southern Sudan! The official name will be announced on 9 July when the country officially gains independence.

What's really awesome in southern Sudan is that the Church is deeply respected. Not only is it respected, but it is expected. It's expected to play a major role in development and reconciliation. As you can imagine a new country comes with many old and new problems. At the forefront is the country's history of the pain and hurt produced by intense conflict. This respected and expected Church is keen to partner with TWR in meeting the people's expectations by bringing healing to the country's hurts and leadership to the country's laity.

One of the boys who was orphaned during the Sudanese Civil War, recently completed his education in Denver, USA. He studied psychology with a focus on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has returned to southern Sudan to assist his people. When asked what the prevalence of PTSD is in his country, he says, "It's almost universal." This frightening fact, coupled with the church's role, and the radio's relevance, means that we have much work to do.

Now, although the church plays a significant role, there is a need to go back to basics and lay a solid foundation of biblical Christianity. In others words, a focus on fundamentals is needed so that the fundamentals become the bedrock of the outworking of faith in that country. A biblical worldview on truth in the following areas is urgently needed:

  • Leadership development in the church and the community;
  • Promoting Bible-based reconciliation;
  • Community development, including agriculture and health programming from a biblical perspective;
  • Issues particular to families, women and children.

Of course, TWR can't do all of this at once, but we are slowly but surely making progress towards a comprehensive strategy. At the outset, our goal is to resurrect the Juba Arabic programme, which attained a great deal of popularity in the town of Juba in previous years. Once a quality programme has been produced, it can be broadcast over short wave from Swaziland and used on FM stations, both present and future.

Please consider supporting this initiative through regular prayer and/or giving. A new country is waiting for the gospel and you could strategically partner with TWR as a friend to deliver it!

Published: 30 April 2011