Counting the Cost in Eritrea

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Counting the cost in Eritrea a TWR radio listener writes, "If I am to be a follower of Jesus my fate will be terrific!" Here is his entire message to us:

"To follow the radio ministry is causing me a blessing and also a fear at the same time. I was brought up in another religion, studying their teachings. I had the obligation to respect all the instructions in that tradition. But my knowledge and understanding was very limited and not deep and satisfactory. I was not sure of getting eternal life, as a result, I tried to meditate about it and make assessments to find out the truth. But I could not find any answer to my questions either in my religion's book or in any of its other religious books.

"It was in school that I met a Christian friend, we became good friends. Sometimes we discussed some minor religious issues, but with the limited knowledge and experience we had, we could not talk the details. I also feared to discuss religious issues with Christian friends. Luckily after completion of secondary school, the time we grew to maturity, we got the opportunity to meet and discuss things. By then I was bold enough to discuss issues openly, and my friend was in a position to help me and answer my questions.

"Prior to any other action, he introduced me to the Bible teachings on the radio which helped me broaden my view and understanding about Christianity, and answer some of my questions. I kept listening regularly, and went deep into the knowledge of the Bible and the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, whom I came to know closely. My eyes are opened and I am enlightened. I began also to read scriptures. My friend has also connected me to another minister, who is more experienced and knowledgeable, whom I was meeting secretly.

"My family members and friends are about to know what is going on with me. To give attention to Christianity is to bring a shame on them, I fear that I may be thrown out of the family and also the community. If I am to be a follower of Jesus my fate will be terrific, I could receive a severe beating or even get killed. I am in such a dilemma, and in need of help and prayer.

"May God bless the ministry you are running."

Please pray that God would give him the courage to make a stand for Jesus, regardless of the consequences. Pray that his testimony would spark a transformation through the gospel in his community.

Published: 21 May 2011