Seasoning KZN with the Gospel

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For 25 years, TWR-South Africa (TWR-SA) has been reaching into the KwaZulu Natal (KZN) community with the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Their vision is for every man, woman and child to be equipped as true disciples of Jesus Christ to help transform their communities.

Many people have been blessed through this ministry - a young man of 22 years recently wrote telling of how this ministry has impacted his life:

"I grew up in a very abusive home. My mother passed away when I was 15. I grew up without knowing my father. After the death of my mother, I had to go and stay with my uncle in his house. My uncle treated me very badly. I went to stay with my friend's parents instead. It was there where I learned to pray for the first time. Every evening they tune into your programme. I began to enjoy listening to your preaching before we pray together as a family. It was through your teachings that I began to understand the Bible. I finally gave my life to the Lord. Now I feel a great peace in my heart. I have forgiven all the people who have mistreated me. I have also begun to tell other young people about Jesus."

Broken families, untimely deaths and abuse are among the many difficult issues facing communities in KZN. Thankfully, God redeems a life in spite of any difficult situation, as this testimony demonstrates.

TWR-SA is speaking God's love and truth into KZN through community radio stations, medium wave transmissions and Project Hannah prayer groups. The 5-year goal is to reach approximately 40,000 family households and 1000 pastors and community leaders. If you can change the change agents who affect change in the community, you can change the community itself!

To this end, Vusi and Busi Radebe have relocated from Gauteng to KZN to spearhead the ministry there. Busi will be heading up the Project Hannah (PH) ministry through the Woman of Hope programmes and PH prayer groups. Vusi will be primarily responsible for developing programmes for the community radio stations. Currently there are three key programmes in the pipeline, over and above the current broadcasts, as follows:

  • Isolomdeni, a family health and life programme,
  • Ethembeni, focusing on HIV/AIDS and home based care, and
  • Phambili, focusing on leadership development.

The resources needed for the development of these programmes has been provided via TWR-Netherlands through a partnership called SALT (Strategic Alliance for Learning and Transformation). What an appropriate name. In Matthew 5:13 Jesus calls us the "salt of the earth." Please pray for TWR-SA as they season KZN with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Published: 31 May 2011