A New Beginning

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A Happy Birthday celebration is around the corner for the 193rd country in the world: the Republic of South Sudan, "...upon independence, officials here in the regional capital said Sunday".1

The cost has been high, the need for peace, intense, for the largest country in Africa. Independence came to Sudan from the United Kingdom and Egypt followed by the First Civil War (1956-1969) and then a Second Civil War (1983 - 2005). A peace treaty was signed in January of 2005 with terms that called for a referendum to decide the secession of the south from the north.

In January 2011 (six years later) the referendum vote took place with 99% of the voters opting for independence from the north. On 9 July 2011 the birthday celebration will commence.

"I was born in war, and I grew up as a soldier," said Robert Duk, a student. "So for me to see this day, something I dreamed of but never could believe, is something I find hard to put into words."2

TWR Africa, keeping in touch with the approaching birth of this new nation, is conducting extensive research into the best programming to help this new nation grow. So far, the following initiatives are in the pipeline:

  • Initial programming from Swaziland in short wave. Programmes focusing on leadership development with sound Biblica teaching. Also programmes for educational development incorporating Biblical truths.
  • FM programming within southern Sudan in partnership with the Church as it develops and grows. Practical programmes are being planned for agricultural development, wellness and health issues and educational programmes for generations who have had little to no formal training.
  • New radio programmes are being developed in the major languages of the new nation: Juba Arabic, African English, Dinke, Nuer and other language groups in the future.

You can be a part of the birthday celebration as TWR comes alongside the Church in southern Sudan to assist its growth from new-born, to teenager, to full-grown adult.

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3. Photo by Laura Deiana

Published: 31 May 2011