Reaching Across Spiritual Barriers

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Picture it: you hear the gospel, and place your faith in Jesus Christ. Immediately, you are saved and set free. So you go home to tell your family the good news, and suddenly you find yourself out on the street. They've rejected you because you've identified yourself with the Saviour.

Now, you are on your own, lonely, and frustrated. Then one day you pick up TWR on your radio. Through the programme, you suddenly realise that as a Christian, you are not an orphan - you have a Father in heaven. As a Christian, you realise you are not an island - you are part of a worldwide body of believers, your brothers and sisters. As a Christian, you realise you are not without a homeland - you have a citizenship in heaven!

This story describes one Ghanaian listener. He sent us this text message recently, "I received your message and for once, I feel so happy because I now know that there are people who love me since my family have rejected me because I gave my life to Christ Jesus." Can you sense the burden that has been lifted from this isolated believer?

The message received from this Ghanaian was sent out by TWR's medium wave transmitter in West Africa. The transmitter is the megaphone through which we broadcast Biblical truth to more than 190 million people in the surrounding countries: Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, and Benin, wherein the transmitter resides.

The transmitter reaches across spiritual barriers of darkness, fear and hopelessness with relevant, culturally sensitive programmes, in the heart language of the people. We bring hope to the lost, encouragement to the new believer, and training to the seasoned Christian. Our focus is on, but not limited to: mothers, pastors, and oral learners. Consider these listener testimonies:

  • "Your program always gives courage to mothers and shows them how to love and care for their children," says a mother from Nigeria.
  • "Your messages are undiluted," says a West African pastor. "Where we miss the point, TWR is doing it."
  • We would provide a listener letter from an oral learner, but that would be paradoxical. Oral learners are those who either can't, won't or don't communicate over written means - two thirds of the world population1 - hence, the need for radio ministry!

We need your help to keep this ministry outreach alive. Your gift of R100, R200 or R500 will keep the light of the gospel flowing into the hearts and lives of people in West Africa.


Published: 18 June 2011