A Mistake that Produced a Miracle

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Tosha1 is a teacher in Angola. As a government employee, she was recently sent far away from the city where she grew up. Deep in the bush, at a rural school, her life went from bad to worse. As a non-Christian, surrounded by a community steeped in witchcraft she held tightly onto her idols to keep her safe.

Then, one morning, as she awoke she heard the words that would set her free from a life of witchcraft and slavery. By the slip of her hand, while searching for the news on the BBC, she tuned into TWR.

She had never been interested in listening to the Word of God before. But that day, she heard it in a different way. The preacher taught in a way she'd never encountered before and it kept her tuned in for 20 minutes. The next day, she was drawn back to the same broadcast and she listened intently. That whole week she listened carefully to what the pastor had to say.

She was listening to Thru the Bible (TTB), which is a five year explanation of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, by the late Dr. J Vernon McGee. TTB has been translated and adapted into many languages, including Tosha's language, Umbundu. Below, she completes her story:

"I didn't know what to do because my heart was so hot and confused that my desire was to see a preacher. One evening at the end of the programme, the preacher said the following sentence: 'If you want to accept Jesus, kneel yourself and follow me in this prayer.' Urgently I left my chair, I kneeled down and I followed the preacher. After the programme, I felt happy but I still had those idols. 'What could I do?' I asked. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, I took all that stuff and I burned it in the fire. God delivered me from the oppression of witchcraft through TTB."

Please take a moment and pray for Tosha, as she stands as a witness in her community to the power of God in Christ.

1. Name changed for security purposes.

Published: 18 June 2011