Staff Story: Meet the Dunlops

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Web small dunlopBorn and raised in Alberta, Canada, both Nathan and Megan Dunlop now find themselves on the other side of the world serving with TWR in South Africa. Although Africa was not their first choice of destinations, the Dunlops decided to take the step of faith in making the move. The verse Joshua 1:9 kept showing up in perceivably “random” ways, like on the wrist of the nurse who administered their vaccinations. This gave them comfort and confidence in their decision to follow where they felt the Lord was calling them... 

Nathan now uses his education in Audio Recording and Sound Design to bring the Gospel to millions across the African continent while Megan stays at home with their three lovely children Ashlyn, Lindsay, and Corwyn.

God began calling Nathan into missions on a family trip to India in 1995 where his heart was won over by the orphanage there. Upon returning to Canada, he met Megan at an Anglican youth camp, which resulted in them serving on the youth worship team together. The music must have been right, because the two of them started dating after the band broke up and found themselves back in India in 2001 with a ring on Megan’s finger. While in India, Nathan set up a recording studio for a local church while Megan spent time with the children in the orphanage.

The India trip set the stage for how life looks like now for the Dunlops. Nathan produces audio dramas for TWR, so he is using his love for sound and acting to share the love of Christ by way of radio. He explains this when he says, “Working with TWR is giving me a creative outlet to record and edit programs that engage the theatre of the mind.” Megan loves having her hands full with home-schooling her children and entertaining their various interests from sports to clothing to automobiles. Having musically inclined parents means that the kids are also involved in playing instruments, as well as having their dad practice his drumming abilities on their bellies. The Dunlops’ passion for family, music, and the Lord encompass their day-to-day lives. Their willingness to make personal sacrifices for the Kingdom is evident when Nathan plainly states, “I believe that God has given me certain passions and abilities that He wants me to use for the furtherance of His kingdom. My hope is that through these gifts, people would hear the gospel in ways that really speak to them.”