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TWR (also known as Trans World Radio) is in the business of delivering hope to people around the globe.
We trust that you, in addition to reading heartwarming stories, will be encouraged by several devotional selections included to weave an enduring scriptural thread throughout. After all, it’s God’s Word that provides true and lasting spiritual fruit. And that’s the living hope that endures.

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Why mediaWhy media 

Here is another great Marketing Framework resource that you can use for sharing with people in your communities about the work of TWR.

One of my favourite phrases from this booklet: “You can’t quarantine the Good News”.

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FREE EBOOK:THIS IS A SPECIAL TIME0142 This is a Special Time ebook Cover

This booklet by Berni Dymat, founder of Christianityworks, contains daily inspiration counting down to Christmas, to help you experience God's love for you at this special time of year.

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Free Ebook: The love of GodThe Love of God cover

In this short book, Richard Bennett reflects on the depths of God's love as illuminated in scripture.

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Free Ebook: Towers to Eternity

From a 2,500-watt army surplus transmitter in Tangier, Morocco, in the early 1950's, to over six million watts of power worldwide today, read the story of TWR's beginnings as told by founder Paul Freed.

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