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Pray for TWR in January 2022

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Please pray for TWR in January

2 Several community stations air the Afrikaans language version of Thru the Bible. Pray that Die Bybel vir Vandag will attract more listeners and respondents.

3 Karen Barkhuizen, our Audience Relations Manager celebrates her birthday today. Ask God to equip her with boldness, grace, and discernment in her interaction with TWR Africa listeners.

4 Please bear up in prayer those listeners who lost someone dear to them due to the adverse effects of Covid-19. Pray also for listeners laid off and subsequently struggle to provide for their families.

5 Thank God for community radio stations that broadcast Thru the Bible in their respective local languages or dialects. These thirty-minute expository teaching programmes cover the entire Bible.

6 Pray that the German broadcasts via DStv audio channel 855 will attract more listeners. Our prayer is that German speakers will discover this TWR channel on DStv to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

7 Pray that those who listen to TWR broadcasts on DStv channel 855 will share this medium of listening with family and friends.

8 Pray for listeners in the Cape Flats of South Africa who are vulnerable to gang related violence. Parents fear for the safety of their school-going children.

9 Gang leaders on the Cape Flats attract huge admiration from poverty-stricken youth. Many a school-going youth aspire to become nothing more than a gang leader themselves. Please pray that the youth in these areas will hear the Gospel and accept Jesus.

10 The coordination of TWR Women of Hope listener and prayer groups scattered widely across Tanzania is quite challenging. Please pray for provision of a vehicle.

11 Pray that TWR’s Women of Hope programmes will bring about transformation in the lives of married couples and families in Tanzania. Pray that the Holy Spirit will incline them to seek the Lord with all their heart.

12 TWR West Africa’s Transmitting Station is located in a remote, outlaying area. Pray for God’s protective hand over the team and the broadcast equipment.

13 The Media Content Management Department coordinates the scheduling and uploading of programmes. They also prepare on-air announcements and all schedule changes during the year. Pray for them!

14 Pray for the Worship Connextion team who are live on-air every weekday afternoon. Pray for meaningful engagement with their audience, and that the music and messages will speak to the hearts of listeners.

15 Ingrid Clarke, who serves in the Finance Department at Eswatini, celebrates her birthday today. Ask God to envelop Ingrid and her family with His love and protective care.

16 Continue to pray for the South African Women of Hope team. Ask the Lord to bless their ministry expansion plans for KwaZulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

17 Pray for Simon Burdett who assumed a new role as TWR Africa Finance Director. May God guide and strengthen him.

18 May our donors and potential donors sense a stirring in their hearts towards generosity, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Cor 9:6-7)

19 Pray for those who are hurting – that they will turn to God for strength. May their joy and hope be renewed through TWR’s broadcasts.

20 Pray for the TWR Africa on-air, social media, mail marketing and promotions planning for the new year.

21 Marinus Geyser, presenter at the TWR office in South Africa celebrates his birthday today. Ask God for wisdom and discernment in his daily interaction with listeners.

22 Praise God for independent broadcast platforms which are committed to collaborate with TWR Africa.

23 We perpetually approach FM stations to broadcast TWR Africa content. Pray for breakthroughs!

24 Additional short-wave antennas are needed to extend the broadcast reach from TWR Africa’s transmitting stations. Pray for breakthroughs in negotiations.

25 Pray for political stability in the countries where our Transmitting Sites are situated. Also pray for protection of staff and facilities.

26 A series of The Way of Righteousness programmes in the Soninke language of Mali are being produced. Please pray for production progress.

27 TWR’s National Partner Directors and their teams work tirelessly to spread the Word of God in their respective countries and regions. Pray for them.

28 Pray that God’s Spirit will sweep over the African continent, bringing about spiritual revival through TWR’s programmes.

29 Please pray for the team producing The Way of Righteousness in the Zarma language of Niger.

30 It is our desire that God will cultivate a climate of brotherly love and cooperation for our TWR ministry teams and those whom He brings into our sphere of influence, within the media ministry context.

31 Please pray that God will enable us to discern how and where we may engage in those places where He is already at work in Africa.

We wish that the New Year bears newfound hope and an ever-increasing and closer walk with our Lord.

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