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"The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective." - James 5:16 

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Pray for TWR in September

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Please pray for TWR in September

1 Today our birthday wishes are for Unathi Sithole, TWR Africa Presenter. Pray for good health, a close walk with the Lord and joy in her service.

2 Thank God for Zanele Nxumalo who celebrates her birthday today. May the Lord encourage her in her vital accounting role in the Finance Department.

3 Pray for the West African Transmitting Station (WATS). Ask that God will continue to bless the team devoted to the smooth running of this station, granting them grace to continue in their service for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in West Africa.

4 Juliet Oppong-Amoako, who serves the Lord in the Media Services Department is by God’s grace, another year older today. Pray that God continues to grant her wisdom and endurance in her service.

5 Pray for receptive hearts to the programme Kingdom of God in the Afrikaans language.

6 In addition to broadcasting in indigenous languages, Voice of the Church, TWR’s National partner in Eswatini, added an English broadcast channel. Pray that the English broadcasts will reach the hearts and minds of younger listeners.

7 Praise God for the TWR360 web portal and app which breaks down barriers of language and accessibility. Users can download, stream, and read abundant Christian media resources such as music, video, radio, and Scripture anytime, anywhere. Pray that people across the world will discover and use this effective ministry tool.

8 Today we thank God for a vast number of volunteers who serve in TWR Africa’s ministry. Pray that He will bless them and provide in all their needs.

9 Pray for wisdom and strength for TWR Central African Ministry Coordinator, Anath Ndoukou, who celebrates his birthday today. Ask that God will give him favour in partnering with media organisations in the region to expand the TWR broadcast reach in Central Africa.

10 Pray today for TWR Africa’s Audience Relations team. They need lots of wisdom in their interaction with and encouragement of listeners and donors.

11 We often receive messages from young listeners who are caught up in sexual sin. Please pray for these young people. Pray that God may raise up mentors to disciple them towards a healthy, full relationship with Jesus Christ.

12 Please pray for many listeners who are unemployed. May they be encouraged by the teaching on our media platforms. Pray also for opportunities and employment for them.

13 Please pray pointedly today for new listeners to the Thru the Bible programmes, originally recorded in English by Dr J Vernon McGee and now airing in more than 100 languages!

14 With reports of escalating violence and religious fanaticism in Africa, continue to pray for the peace of God to prevail on our continent.

15 Praise God for new appointees who joined TWR over the past year, for “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few(Matt. 9:37).

16 Praise God for TWR’s ministry in Angola. Pray for successful negotiations and partnerships to expand the ministry in the country.

17 Pray for successful production of Christ to the World in the Rukiga language, Uganda. Pray for the production team as it is their first time producing TWR content. Pray for wisdom, capacity and diligence and for transformed lives once the programmes start airing.

18 Continue to pray for wisdom for our engineers who often deal with advanced and complicated technical matters at TWR Africa’s transmitting sites.

19 Pray for TWR West Africa Operator, Roland Gansounou, who celebrates his birthday today. Ask the Lord to richly bless and keep him and fill him with His joy and strength in his service.

20 Please pray that the new TWR programmes will bring transformation to the lives of their intended audiences. May God use them to touch more lives in need of salvation and hope.

21 Today is Eberhard Haberkorn’s birthday. May the Lord encourage Eberhard as he serves Him in the TWR Marcom Department.

22 Pray that the TWR Women of Hope ministry, started in Gabon, Central Africa Region, will grow and expand and that abused women will discover the loving kindness of Jesus.

23 Pray for TWR Malawi as its radio ministry continues to give hope to Malawians in these trying times.

24 Today is Heritage Day in South Africa. Pray that TWR Africa’s broadcasts in indigenous languages will bring healing and acceptance among the diverse cultures and people groups in South Africa.

25 Pray that our community-oriented programmes will move policy makers, the media, and employers in Africa to reflect on the dignity of women so that harmful cultural practices against women may be eliminated.

26 Bring before God refugees who escaped war or other horrific circumstances in their home countries. Many hope to return someday. Pray for destitute refugees not allowed to work in their host countries.

27 Steve Stavropoulos celebrates his birthday today. He serves the Lord in the Engineering Department at Eswatini. Both Steve and his spouse Lorraine serve as TWR missionaries. Please present them to God.

28 Please pray for intervention from the international Church community, as well as governments, to help Christian brethren in Nigeria who suffer persecution at the hands of radical religious groups.

29 Pray for the salvation of rural teenagers who move to cities where they fall prey to drugs and many other immoral vices such as access to pornography through the internet.

30 Continue to pray for general funds needed to support the TWR Africa ministry.